Family Hospitality Network

Hashevaynu has created a network of families for weekly Shabbos and Yom Tov hospitality in and around New York. Just call the office to request the area in which you would like to spend Shabbos and you will be matched with a suitable host. We strongly encourage hosts to continue the personal relationships developed on Shabbos.


Hashevaynu Minyan/Shul

A Hashevaynu minyan has begun this year. It is a warm, non judgemental, spiritual, uplifting makom of Tefilah where all who daven, feel welcome. The rich mix of Tefilah, Torah, and Ahavas Yisroel have made the minyan a magnet for all those who want to have a most unique Shul experience.


Yeshiva Learning Program

A warm, non-judgemental environment in which young men can be inspired and grow in their Torah learning while pursuing their college education. As all programs in Hashevaynu, the yeshiva is tailored to fit the needs of its students.


Torah Classes

Weekly shiurim are held in our office, Brooklyn, and other locations for all levels of Jewish learning.


Community Shabbatonim

Group Shabbatons are held in various communities in order to offer an experience of living and learning Judaism. Shabbaton highlights include friendly host families, enlightening classes, delicious food, and a warm feeling of belonging. Many enduring friendships have developed at these Shabbatonim.


Shidduch Service

A dedicated member of the Hashevaynu team is available for appointments throughout the week to meet with singles for the purpose of shidduchim.



Counseling is available for any problem that may arise trying to mesh your new a lifestyle with the old. Perhaps work conflicts are a problem or your family is having difficulty adjusting to your new way of life.


Halachic Issues Answered

Hashevaynu is available to answer any questions regarding Jewish Law. Either Rabbi Zakutinsky will answer them himself, or he will ask a Posek on the individual’s behalf.