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Hashevaynu Shul

A Hashevaynu minyan has begun this year. It is a warm, non judgmental, spiritual, uplifting makom of Tefilah where all who daven, feel welcome. The rich mix of Tefilah, Torah, and Ahavas Yisroel have made the minyan a magnet for all those who want to have a most unique Shul experience. The shul is enhanced […]

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Yeshiva Learning Program

A warm, non-judgmental environment in which young men can be inspired and grow in their Torah learning while pursuing their college education. As all programs in Hashevaynu, the yeshiva is tailored to fit the needs of its students. Shiur is given by Rabbi Yehuda Zakutinsky, Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky and Rabbi Avi Zakutinsky. Hours: Monday-Thursday Shachris: […]

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