Hashevaynu occupies a unique place in the world of kiruv, as their mission is one of follow-up.

Every year, many young men and women explore their Jewish identity through Jewish outreach programs and yeshivas. This experience touches all aspects of their lives and relationships and brings with it an unexpected change. Without a support system, it is unrealistic to expect these young men and women to maintain their enthusiasm, to continue learning, and to grow.

As students come to the New York area, they are enthusiastic about starting their new lives. They soon realize that maintaining that fervor, when one is alone, is a very difficult task. A lonely Shabbos table, a minyan of one, or a solitary figure in the grocery aisle trying to figure out the maze of kosher foods, are all images which are familiar to our members. That’s where Hashevaynu steps in, offering classes, Shabbatons, Shabbos and Yom Tov hospitality with warm families, creating a network of likeminded friends, helping with the search for a suitable shidduch, arranging Jewish life cycle events, and offering general support and guidance. Hashevaynu continues to be a support system as its members marry and begin their families.

Hashevaynu will tailor itself to the meet the individual needs of the men and women.


Mission Statement

Hashevaynu’s ultimate goal is to make all Jews who pass through its doors feel like cherished members of the family who know that their problems are our problems and their joys are our joys. Hashevaynu is dedicated to trying to eradicate the inevitable loneliness that can set in when one tries to maintain his or her Jewish standards without a strong support system. Hashevaynu will tailor itself to each individual member’s needs. Hashevaynu provides all its programs, services, and activities (except the retreat) completely free of charge.