Hashevaynu Shul

A Hashevaynu minyan has begun this year. It is a warm, non judgmental, spiritual,

uplifting makom of Tefilah where all who daven, feel welcome. The rich mix of

Tefilah, Torah, and Ahavas Yisroel have made the minyan a magnet for all those who

want to have a most unique Shul experience. The shul is enhanced by a wonderful homemade kiddush enjoyed by all.

To sponsor the kiddush please e-mail hashevaynu4u@gmail.com

Friday Night:
Mincha begins at candle lighting followed by Maariv

Shabbos Morning:

8:50 Brachos

9:00 Hodu


Monday-Thursday (while Hashevaynu Beis Medrash is in session which will resume Monday, February 2nd):

8:30 Shachris followed by breakfast




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